Highest requirement in terms of quality and processing of our doctor hats and robes


Our doctoral caps, gowns and all other textile items are manufactured to our highest standards.

We are also ahead of the competition in this respect as well. The quality and design of our doctoral caps and gowns meet the absolute highest standards, which underlines the importance of the occasion.


High-quality materials in our academic clothing

It’s with good reason that we use only high quality and breathable fabrics. Our range contains the best fabrics and is elegant, soft to the touch, low-crease and durable.

In order to ensure that the most important day you have so far experienced in your academic career is one you will want to remember, be sure not to make any compromises. Our products and service are aimed at providing you with perfect memories. 


Optimal comfort:

Our gowns and doctoral caps are remarkably light and well tailored. In combination with the breathable quality of our top-quality fabrics, they thus provide maximum freedom of movement.

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