The Symbol of your Graduation Ceremony

Students generally only see the gowns of a university's academic dignitaries once in their lifetime – at their graduation, the ceremony at which their professors and the university administration honour their achievements.

In the next section, you'll find a small selection of our past work. We already produce many of these items for use worldwide by nationally and internationally leading universities and institutes.


Custom-Tailored for the Academic Elite, exclusively from COLLEGE FASHION

High-quality, heavy brocade material, perhaps woven in a Paisley Jacquard design; trim, appliqués and epaulettes embroidered by hand with gold and silver thread; velvet inlays with linings in the same colours.

College Fashion's gowns for lecturers are custom-tailored and produced by hand. Our excellent relationships with other European factories as well as with our production facilities here in Germany make it possible for us to offer a unique cost-benefit relationship that will answer all your expectations.


We even skilfully and reliably fill last-minute orders. We work with a highly-efficient and flexible network of experts to this end: all our partners have many years of experience in their areas of expertise and are highly motivated.


Our team of experts would be pleased to provide you with extensive information, show you designs and assist you in developing a suitable concept for your university.

A small selection of our high-quality gowns


Kollektion Talare Akademischer Rat

No. 1


No. 2


No. 2b


No. 3


No. 4


No. 5


No. 8

* Pricing available on request

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