Handcraft and fabrics

When purchasing a high quality gown, you should especially pay attention to the material quality and the material processing.

Merino virgin wool is the best pure new sheep's wool; it is breathable, durable and wrinkle resistant.

Our luxurious Merino/cashmere cloth is woven from 95 % fine Merino wool and 5 % elegant cashmere at 230 g/m. Cashmere is one of the finest materials of all wool products and is obtained from the soft bottom hair of the Cashmere goat. Cashmere is climatized, very light and soft, and lends a slight shimmer to black cloth.

COLLEGE FASHION represents first-class good value clothing. Our products and services combine the advantages of traditional tailoring and the excellent properties of high-quality materials.

Our studios in Bavaria provide exclusive and tailor-cut gowns. All our gowns are made by skilled dressmakers and tailors in a careful individual production.



Excellent Service

Excellent Fabrics

Excellent craftmanship


Outstanding Quality




perfect fit

finest raw materials

light and flowing fabrics

excellent custom-made products


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