Here you will find a unique selection of over 300 different gowns and robes. Our robes and gowns may be purchased at clothing sizes in various qualities and in an extensive range of colours - so we can assure you an appealing amenities and achieve an optimal image at your graduation ceremony. Our standard program ranges from classic gowns in black or colour, thorough Doctor and Professor gowns and robes for various scientific directions and made in bespoken from the finest materials such as merino/cashmere wool and merino wool/silk qualities - we deliver your robes and gowns for any occasion. Should your desired model not yet be found, our customer service would be very happy to have the opportunity to contact you. Our manufactory in Germany can also produce exceptional gowns and robes available at any time.


Our gowns made by COLLEGE FASHION, MANUFAKTUR BAVARIA and TIMELESS | bespoken give your carriers the dignity and comfort you deserve.


In addition to the wide selection of gowns you can find in our menu also a wide range of academic hats and matching accessories. Of course it is also possible to rent the academic regalia.

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