Our caps and gowns reflect your achievements

Our academic wardrobe for graduates includes gown, cap with tassel, and sash or band in various colours and styles.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of variations.

Our gowns lend you the dignified and individual appearance you've earned.



Cap designed by COLLEGE FASHION


Handmade caps by COLLEGE FASHION are produced to the highest quality standards. Different sizes and the elastic band at the back ensure a secure fit.

According to your taste, the cap can be fitted with a tassel showing the year or a full tassel available in black, Bordeaux red, golden yellow, royal blue and orange, which simply attach to a button on the top of the cap.










Quaste Jahreszahl 2009





farbige Quasten


Features of Microfibre Cap

- High quality manufacture
- Head cap will not slip
- Sizes: M, L and XL
- Mortar board: black
- Tassels available in various colors (see shop)



Additional Characteristics of the ELEGANT Cap

- Very high quaility viscose fabric blend
- Lined and padded head cap
- Generally resilient
- Also available in size XXL (see shop for table of sizes)
- Available in the colours black, dark grey, navy blue and bordeaux red






Collage Doktorhut Viskose

Velvet Cap with Elegant Tassel


Our handmade velvet cap features exquisite materials.


This cap is covered in the finest velvet and features an elegant and substantial gold tassel.


This high-quality, handcrafted gem reflects and honours the highest academic achievements.


Doktorhut Superior


Features of the Velvet Cap

- High quality and elegant black velvet
- sizes: M. L, XL & XXL
- Substantial and elegant golden tassel
- Resilient, reinforced head cap



Gown designed by COLLEGE FASHION


COLLEGE FASHION's gown design is impressive even by virtue of the variety alone. Form and colour are combined in a balanced compromise between classical elegance and the fashion sensibilities of today's graduates.


The fabric is wrinkle-free and easy to care for. With satin trim on the sleeves.


Two buttons on the back the gown serve to securely attach the sash and/or band.


Talar mit goldener Schärpe

Robes with stoles



Talar mit Banderole

Robes with ribbons



Knopf Banderole

Buttons for sashes and ribbons on back of gowns


Features of the Microfibre Gown:

- High quality microfibre fabric
- Peated folds and 3 sizes (M, L, XL) ensure gown is comfortable to wear
- Soft and pleasent feel
- Elegant lustre
- Will not irritate skin
- Absolutely wrinkle free and easy to care for



Additional quality characteristics of the ELEGANT gowns:

- Uncompromising quality in terms of material and manufacturing
- Extensive pleated folds and 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) ensure the perfect fit
- Breathable, very soft to the touch and extremely resistant to wear
- Excellent hygienic qualities, also suitable for allergy sufferers
- Available in black, dark grey, dark blue and Bordeaux red
- Viscose gown colours


Perfect for photos

We use only our ELEGANT models for rentals



Master/Doctor Gowns


Our individual and custom-tailored Master/Doctor gowns are our ultimate gowns for university graduates. This line is characterised by fine, high-quality fabrics, handcrafted satin and velvet appliqués, handcrafted chevrons (velvet strips) on the sleeves and same-colour lining.


The corresponding caps are embroidered with heavy, high-quality velvet and broad, elegant tassels of silver or gold.

To honour the unique occasion on which your achievements are recognised, we can produce gowns from the highest-quality materials in a wide range of colours to suit your individual needs.

Our trained service team would be pleased to personally assist you and help with sizing and colour selection.




Doktor Talar Chevrons



Talar Master / Doktor




Master Talar




Talar Master / Doktor schwarz/rot




Doktor Talar


Colour Palette

Talar Farbpalette

01 white 07 light lilac 13 yellow 19 light brown
02 royal blue 08 lilac 14 orange 20 bordeaux red
03 sky blue 09 dark skin 15 pink 21 marine blue
04 ice blue 10 skin 16 rubin red 22 light grey
05 mint 11 green 17 brown 23 dark grey
06 light mint 12 light green 18 light military green    


A selection of the COLLEGE FASHION gowns and doctoral caps for graduates


Kollektion Absolventen

Modell Doctor





Modell Master






Cap and gown



Cap and gown



Cap and gown



Cap and gown



Cap and gown


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