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Honour your Dignitaries



COLLEGE FASHION offers unique gowns for the lecturers of your university for the graduation ceremony. We have dignified and contemporary gowns for your dignitaries.


Highest-quality materials and lavish refinement techniques combined with years of experience in international projects and a penchant for specialised work guarantee reliability and the highest-quality.


You will find our current collection and selected design examples from previous projects on our site.


Of course, we are also pleased to meet your individual needs, according to your personal taste. We would be pleased to work with you to develop a concept that is suitable for your university – one that works with the corporate design and identity of your university.


Our team of specialists would be pleased to answer any questions or assist further.



Graduation Ceremony 

We also offer a complete service for your graduation ceremony.


Our gowns, caps and sashes allow your graduates to express their joy and pride at having reached their goal. Your students will always remember this unforgettable experience and it will provide alumni with a long-term connection to your university.


We also offer traditional and stylish caps and gowns for rental at affordable prices. You may also take advantage of our on-site service – we supply combinations, give out the gowns to you and your students and take them back at the conclusion of the ceremony.


Many students also like to keep their gowns, cap or an embroidered sash as a memento. We also offer other small and large souvenirs in our shop and as custom orders.


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